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Comilla is an important district of Bangladesh. Like other districts of Bangladesh, several well-known newspapers have founded in Comilla. All Comilla Newspaper provides news in Bangla language. But nowadays, there are some newspapers which publish news in Bangla as well as English. Comilla newspapers mainly have two editions i.e. printed and online. There are several types of newspapers, such as daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

In terms of publishing news, Comilla newspapers mainly give priority to local news. However, there are some newspapers that carry national and international news along with local news. The main categories of news published are agriculture, rural economy, education, sports, entertainment, etc. Below is the list of all newspapers published from Comilla that newspapers approved by Bangladesh government.

Amader Comilla
Amader Comilla
Cumillar Barta
Cumillar Barta
Comillar Kagoj
Comillar Kagoj
Daily Rupashi Bangla
Daily Rupashi Bangla
The daily sramik
The daily sramik
Cumillar dak
Cumillar dak
Daily cumilla kantha
Daily cumilla kantha
Daily b kolam
Daily b kolam
Daily ganashakti
Daily ganashakti
Daily torun kantho
Daily torun kantho
Daily muktokontho
Daily muktokontho
Daily purbasha
Daily purbasha

Daily newspaper website not avelabel

Daily Mynamti

Daily Vorer Surjo

Doinik sironam

Daily dak protidin

Daily comillar alo

Daily Mnirnogor

Weekly all Comilla newspaper

  1. Weekly Laksam Barta
  2. Weekly Bengali Barta
  3. Weekly Aporad Songbad
  4. Weekly Ntun Potro
  5. Weekly Alor Disari
  6. Weekly Smadansmachar
  7. Weekly Avidan
  8. Weekly Amood
  9. Weekly telephone
  10. Weekly Banglar Aloron
  11. Weekly Alokito Cheddagram
  12. Weekly Sbujpotro
  13. Weekly torun kontho
  14. Weekly Protor
  15. Weekly Nangalkot Express
  16. Weekly Meherkul
  17. Weekly vorer klom
  18. Weekly Comilla ktha
  19. Weekly mukto Bangladesh
  20. Weekly schiro Karukaj
  21. Weekly Nairobi
  22. Weekly Gomti
  23. Weekly Nirihka
  24. Weekly prokiti Comilla
  25. Weekly Vorer Surjody
  26. Weekly Chddagramer Alo
  27. Weekly Comilla
  28. Weekly Cholon
  29. Weekly Jayakantha
  30. Weekly Homnar Alo
  31. Weekly Biborton
  32. Weekly Gomti Kantha
  33. Weekly Laksham Alo
  34. Weekly Shonbader Kagoj
  35. Weekly Comilla Bani
  36. weekly Comilla potro
  37. Weekly Amar Devidwara
  38. Weekly Aboses
  39. Weekly Smyer Pthe
  40. Weekly homine Kantha
  41. Weekly Manoharganj Barta
  42. Weekly jnotar Barta
  43. Weekly Popular
  44. Weekly Naksi Barta
  45. Weekly Comilla Barta
  46. Weekly Kalpurusha
  47. Weekly Comilla Darpan
  48. Weekly Chodogram
  49. Weekly Nangalkot
  50. Weekly simanto shonbad
  51. Weekly Avidan
  52. Weekly Barura Kantha
  53. Weekly bornophat
  54. Weekly muktir kagoj
  55. Weekly Bangla Barta
  56. Weekly Laksham
  57. Weekly Somyer Dopon
  58. Weekly Amar Peruna
  59. Weekly Ekushey Bangla
  60. Weekly Muktir Lrai
  61. Weekly Crime Reporter
  62. Weekly Comilla Janata
  63. Weekly Amader Potasa
  64. Weekly Sohardo
  65. Weekly Ajker Smosa
  66. Weekly Comilla Kagoj

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