All Pabna newspaper list and Pabna news online

Pabna is a very important district of Bangladesh. Like other districts of Bangladesh, Pabna has also founded several reputed newspapers. All Pabna Newspaper provide news in Bangla language. Nowadays, there are some newspapers which carry news in Bangla as well as English. Newspapers basically have two versions, i.e. printed and online. There are some types of newspapers in Pabna, like daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Newspapers in Pabna mainly publish news with emphasis on local news. However, there are some newspapers that publish national and international news in addition to local news. The main categories of news published are agriculture, commerce, rural economy, education, entertainment, sports, etc. Below is the list of all newspapers published from Pabna. All the newspapers in the published list are approved by the government of Bangladesh.

Daily Shatakantha
Daily Shatakantha

Daiiiily newspaper website not avelabel

Dainik Ichhamoti

Daily Natun bishwabarta

Daily Pabnar chetona

Dainik Pabnar khobor

Daily bibriti

Daily pabnar alo

Doinik ajuger dip

Daily jiboon Kotha

Danik Sinsa

Dainik khobor bangla

Daily biplobe somoy

Dainik chalanbeel

Daily Alor Desh

Daily amader boral

Dainik Unnyner katha

Dainik Uttor Janata

Daily jorbangla

Daily Morning touch

Daily Pabna protidin

Daily Pabnar Bani

All Pabna newspaper weekly

  1. Weekly Padma Khobor
  2. Weekly Sbuj Alo
  3. Weekly Prothom Shokal
  4. Weekly Pabnar Barta
  5. Weekly Nya Andolon
  6. Weekly Jnodisti
  7. Weekly Sbuj Somoy
  8. Weekly Basptro
  9. Weekly Chetona
  10. Weekly Junction
  11. Weekly Amader Ishwardi
  12. Weekly Somoy Kal
  13. Weekly Somoyer Kontho
  14. Weekly Hello Ishwardi
  15. Weekly Somoy Asomoy
  16. Weekly Ishwardi Barta
  17. Weekly Anabil Shongbad
  18. Weekly Cholonbil
  19. Weekly Esne Barta
  20. Weekly Gola Ishwardi
  21. Weekly Varna Brittanto
  22. Weekly Somoyr Itihas
  23. Weekly Ishwardi Kagoj
  24. Weekly Smokon
  25. Weekly Ishwardi Alo
  26. Weekly Joypotro
  27. Weekly Svor Sakho
  28. Weekly Swakal Bangla
  29. Weekly Cholonbiler Alo
  30. Weekly Chetonay Ishwardi
  31. Weekly Desh Bibron
  32. Weekly Smokal
  33. Weekly Chatmohar Barta

Bottom line

All the newspapers in the list are verified and published by All Newspaper Bangla. If anyone has any comments or suggestions regarding the list, please feel free to contact us.