Gopalganj all newspaper list and Gopalganj news or newspaper

Gopalganj all newspaper are published in Bangla language, but there are some newspapers which publish news in Bangla as well as in English. Most of the published newspapers have two versions, i.e., printed and online versions. However, there are some newspapers which have only one version either printed or online.

In publishing the news, all these newspapers give priority to the local Gopalganj news. Apart from Gopalganj they publish national and international editors. The main categories of news published are rural economy, business, education, agriculture, entertainment, sports, etc. Below is the list Bangladesh government approved Gopalganj newspaper. There are different types of newspapers in circulation like daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Daily Bartoman gopalganj
Daily Bartoman gopalganj

daily newspaper website not avelabel

Dainik vorer bani

Daily Juger Sathi

Daily Banglar soket

Daily Jugokatha

Daily amader gopalganj

Daily sirin

Daily bangla amar pran

The Daily Asia World

Daily Surjsa

Desh kaler kagoj

Daily Bastob ghtona

The daily gopalgonj barta

Dainik Gopalganjer surjodoy

weekly Gopalganj all newspaper

  1. Weekly Kashiani Barta

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