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Noakhali is one of the important districts of Bangladesh. Like other districts of Bangladesh, several reputed newspapers have developed here. Noakhali All newspaper carry news in Bangla, but nowadays there are some newspapers which carry news in Bangla as well as English. Newspapers basically have two versions i.e. printed and online. Newspapers in Noakhali are of several types like daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Newspapers tend to promote local news in publishing news. However, there are some newspapers that carry local news as well as national and international news. The main categories of news published are agriculture, village economy, business, education, entertainment, sports, etc. List of all Noakhali Newspaper is published below. All newspapers are approved by the Bangladesh Government.

Daily Bhulua
Daily Bhulua
Chatkhil barta
Chatkhil barta
Daily Noakhali Barta
Daily Noakhali Barta
Daily Dishari
Daily Dishari
Daily Noakhali pratidin
Daily Noakhali pratidin
Shuborno provaat
Shuborno provaat
Sonali sangbad
Sonali sangbad
Jatiya nishan
Jatiya nishan

Daily website not avelabel

Dainik Naya Prithibi

Daily Noakhali somoy

Daily Noakhali Khabor

Daily bangladesher khabor

Daily Noakhal Prottasha

Daily Sofl Barta

Dainik jonotar odhikar

Dainik Bangla Ava

Protidin Amar Sangbad

Daily Kichu Kotha

Dainik Bangla Samachar

Daily Jatioy Nur

Daily Khola Dak

Sachitra Noakhali

Daily sonali jomin

Daily Aboyb

Daily Naya Sangbad

Daily Choloman Noakhali

Daily Noakhali Pata

Rupkolpo Bangladesh

weekly Noakhali all newspaper

  1. Weekly Jatiyo Bangladesh
  2. Weekly Domketo
  3. Weekly Samakal Barta
  4. Weekly Storko Barta
  5. Weekly Choloman Noakhali
  6. weekly Bihotor Noakhali
  7. Weekly Hatiyar ktha
  8. Weekly Stabdir Dak
  9. Sucitr Noakhali
  10. Weekly Ajkal Potro
  11. Weekly Samser Nagar
  12. Weekly Cholito Dhara
  13. Weekly Amader Noakhali
  14. Weekly Porichypotro
  15. Weekly Noakhali kontho
  16. Weekly Purbosikha
  17. Weekly Jnotar biplob
  18. Weekly Atta Adikar
  19. Weekly Damam
  20. Weekly muhuri
  21. Weekly bashakhi Bani
  22. Weekly Darpan

Bottom line

All newspapers in the list have been verified and published by All Newspaper Bangla. If anyone has any comments or suggestions regarding the list, please feel free to contact us.