Sunamganj all newspaper list and Sunamganj newspaper or news

Sunamganj is a district in the border region of Bangladesh, this district has a lot of fame in tourism. Like other districts of Bangladesh, Sunamganj has founded several reputed newspapers. Sunamganj all newspaper are published in Bangla language. At present there are some newspapers which publish news in Bangla as well as English. Newspapers usually have two editions i.e. printed and online, but there are some newspapers that have only one edition. Newspapers in Sunamganj are have different types like daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

The newspapers of Sunamganj mainly publish local news. However, nowadays local news as well as national and international news publish. The main categories of news published are agriculture, rural economy, business, education, sports, entertainment, etc. Below is the list of all Sunamganj newspaper published, the published list newspapers are approved by the government of Bangladesh.

Haoranchaler Kotha
Haoranchaler Kotha
Sunamganjer Somoy
Sunamganjer Somoy
Sunamganjer Khobor
Sunamganjer Khobor
Sunam Kantha
Sunam Kantha

Daily newspaper website not avelabel

Dainik deshpranto

Dainik alokita sunamganj

Sunamganjer Dak

Dainik Haor Barta

Daily hijol koroch

Weekly Sunamganj all newspaper

  1. Weekly Sunam Kantha
  2. Weekly Sunamganj Barta
  3. Weekly Surma Express
  4. Weekly Sunamganj Janpath
  5. Weekly Sjon
  6. Weekly Gram Bangla Katha
  7. Weekly Sunamganj Shongbad
  8. Weekly Bhati Bangla
  9. Weekly Anl
  10. Weekly Dinjay
  11. Weekly Sunamganj
  12. Weekly Sunamganj report
  13. Weekly Sunamganj Alo

Bottom line

All the newspapers in the list are verified and published by All Newspaper Bangla. If anyone has any comments regarding the list please contact