Tangail newspaper list and Tangail all newspaper or Tangail news

Tangail Newspaper List is given below, all these newspapers are approved by the Bangladesh Government. Newspapers in Tangail are mainly published in Bangla language, but there are some newspapers that publish news in Bangla as well as in English. Newspapers give priority to Tangail news when publishing news. They also publish national and international news.

Tangail all newspaper have different types, like daily, weekly, monthly, etc. The main categories of newspapers in publishing news are rural economy, education, business, sports, entertainment, etc. The newspapers of Tangail publish news with great reputation and dedication.

Daily kaler srot
Daily kaler srot
Mozlumer kontha
Mozlumer kontha
Dainik jonotar kotha
Dainik jonotar kotha
Dainik desher katha
Dainik desher katha
Doinik provater alo
Doinik provater alo

Daily newspaper website not avelabel

Daily Tangail sangbad

Daily Lok Katha

Daily ajker telegram

Daini kakash bartha

Daily khaler barta

Daily Ajker Deshbasi

Daily mofussil

Dainik tangailer shomoy

Daily tangail pratidin

weekly Tangail Newspaper

  1. Weekly Papia
  2. Weekly Jnosokti
  3. Weekly Gnobiplob
  4. Weekly Molovibajar
  5. Weekly Projokti
  6. Weekly Sosito Kontho
  7. Weekly Tangail Barta
  8. Weekly Prbakas
  9. Weekly Mul Sort
  10. Weekly Vuyapur
  11. Weekly Bhuyapur
  12. Weekly Kaler Ayna
  13. Weekly LeHajong
  14. Weekly Somoy Torogo
  15. Weekly Bhuyapur Darpan
  16. Weekly Barbela
  17. Weekly Trimohana Deou
  18. Weekly Smal
  19. Weekly Jugdara
  20. Weekly lokdara
  21. Weekly Nyer Ktha
  22. Weekly Integer
  23. Weekly Biplob Barta
  24. Weekly Jahajmara
  25. Weekly Tangail Protidin

Bottom line

All newspapers in the list are verified and published by All Newspaper Bangla. If anyone has any comments or suggestions about the list, please feel free to contact us.