AllNewspaperBangla App android together all Bangla news read

AllNewsPaperBangla app is a medium for reading all types of Bangla newspapers online together. Special category websites can also be listed through the app. The app is a product of AllNewsPaperBangla, a popular news media publishing company.

The company has created the mobile app AllNewsPaperBangla with state-of-the-art technology to provide services to its users with ease, keeping in mind the convenience of the users.

Using one, users can read all types of Bangla newspapers for free. The app is currently open to Android users, and will be open to other users soon. The details of all the services, including the use of the app, are mentioned below.

Type of newspaper

Noticed: More categories of newspapers are coming soon

How to use AllNewspaperBangla app

1. Access the Google Play Store from your used Android mobile phone.

Allnewspaperbangla app Google Play Store

2. In the search bar of the Google Play Store, type AllNewspaperBangla or click link AllNewspaperBangla

search bar of the Google Play Store

3. Click Enter and Install AllNewspaperBangla app

Install AllNewspaperBangla app


4. Once the installation process is complete, open one and use all Bangla newspapers for free.

Last line

Newspaper readers hope you will like the app and use it to read all the newspapers from one place very easily and comfortably. And in special category, website owners will be able to list their own websites.

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